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National Museum of Contemporary Art

Posted: March 11th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: architecture | Tags: | 1 Comment »

The museum building was constructed in a manner that harmonizes with both the natural and the artificial beauty of its surroundings, through a traditional form that invokes contemporary tastes.

The design of the museum reflects Korea’s traditional architectural style of fortress walls and a beacon mound. The museum features a sculpture gallery in the form of fortress walls, a painting gallery the shape of a semi-oval hall, and the Ramp Core in the style of a beacon mound that connects the two sections.

With the aim of providing a more consistent and convenient exhibition space, the Ramp Core is located at the center of the museum, and the sculpture exhibitions and painting exhibitions are positioned to the left and right of the Ramp Core. Visitors can reach each gallery by following the slanted slope of the Core.

The exterior space of the museum is designed to reflect a traditional Korean garden, enabling gradual access through a passage that gives the visual effect of a steady ascent. The sculpture garden is formed naturally by the shape of the surrounding land and the trees and shrubs.

The passageway, which starts from the south wall of the museum and navigates separately from the main road around the ravine, gives a sense of mysticism and calmness through the change in scenery and the hidden traditional houses.

The main exterior material is a light pink Korean granite, which is well-harmonized with the characteristics of the wooden material and the calm and stable form of the building. The museum has a traditional image that blends in well with the surrounding landscape. Fully equipped with modern facilities, scientific equipment and various installations, the museum is more than equal to the task of being the only national contemporary art museum in Korea.

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