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Dongdaemun Design Plaza

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Design Plaza: comprehensive specialized facilities for the support of the design industry

  • Covering an area of 83,000㎡ (including the underground cultural plaza), the Design Plaza will be equipped with a multi-purpose exhibition and convention hall, a design exhibition hall, an information training center, a learning center, a digital archive, a museum, and a design and media lab, as well as other facilities.
  • The Design Plaza will be a global mecca for creative design by holding international design exhibitions and conferences, building a design network for cooperation at home and abroad, and running various support programs for creative design and marketing.
  • It will host the Dongdaemun fashion industry by building and operating a fashion map and supporting marketing, production, and training.
  • Development of an underground cultural plaza
    The project will connect the trade area divided into the east and the west with Heunginmun-ro in the middle through the basement for the integration of the area and build an underground pedestrian network linked to the pedestrian underpass in Euljiro and subway stations of lines 2, 4, and 5, improving the pedestrian environment on the ground. Connected to the DDP structurally and functionally, the underground cultural plaza will serve as a high-class site for various cultural activities including exhibition and performance.

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