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[project team] Part Time Suite

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Part-time Suite started its project in 2009, first by looking for places in the city.
We go through places actually affordable to us, and then rent for a short period the place we have found. Not owning the place, we have physical and practical restrictions which we amplify and convert into lyrical features of our work. In order to escape from the restriction, for the three past projects – at a basement, a vacant lot and a roof top – we simply accepted all the restrictions (in Under Interior), let them be as we took a loophole (in off-off-stage) or stood on them, threw a question pointed toward the destiny of the collective itself (in Loop the Loop). Through those kinds of processes we turn the spatiality of the place into something sensuous and tangible, stimulating the place to reveal by itself its identity which has been neglected. The audience who has decided to enter – by taking off his/her shoes, by blocking outside sounds to make his/her hearing acute – will witness by senses, rather than speculate, the place’s raison d’être and remember he/she can come across the place once and again, anytime in the city.

Part-time Suite, collaboration group of Miyeon Lee, Byungjae Lee and Jaeyoung Park who graduated Art school in February. 2009, was founded on April 2009 and based in Seoul, Korea. It undertook three projects, “Under Interior” in a basement at Chungjeongro in June, “off-off-stage” at an unoccupied lot in the center of the city, Shinmunro, in September and “Loop the Loop” at a roof-top at Yeonjidong in December, all under the sponsorship of Art Council Korea, issued 2009. The last project was a part of the exhibition “Perspective Strikes Back” presented by Hyunjin Kim at Doosan Art Center. The group is bound together on mutual trust between the members while accepting each other’s singularity and individuality. Our works develop during and from frequent meeting and talk session. Each member is also working on his/her own projects.

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